‘Creche’ – birth-18 months

The Good Shepherd provides a crèche room during the 9.30 Sunday family service, for families to use to care for infants and children younger than ‘kindy’ age. The service is streamed to this room.

‘Tiny Tots’ – from 18 months / ‘Splash’ – Prep to Grade 2 / ‘Xstream’ – Grades 3-6

Children’s church is run as part of the 9.30 Sunday family service. The 15-20 children (or the carers of Tiny Tots!) who take part each week feel very much that The Good Shepherd belongs to them as much as the adults! They have a great time both learning about Jesus and being with their friends.

We provide 3 groups using material from Scripture Union or other sources. We have consistent leadership throughout the year, with separate term time and school holiday programs. Activities each week include craft, drama, singing and stories, to help children better understand God’s plan for their lives, and his love for them shown especially in his Son Jesus Christ.


“Timbrellists of the Good Shepherd” (TOGS) is a group for girls which meets for fellowship, bible study, prayer and to “Praise the Lord in Timbrel and Dance (Psalm 150:4)

We hold classes from time to time during the school holidays.

During sessions, we do a short Bible study and discuss topics such as Why we dance? What does the bible say about dance and worship? We share about our personal relationships with God or struggles we are having, and read the Bible together. During TOGS we practice items for church events coming up. It is also a time of fellowship for the girls (and their mums) where we take the opportunity to relate any church events with their own personal walk with God, witness to their friends etc.

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