Good Friday

Two thousand years ago a man was beaten, mocked, spat on, insulted and nailed to a cross. And each year, for 2000 years, we celebrate it. And the reason we do is because by dying on the cross Jesus saves us. One of the amazing things is that what happens to Jesus on the cross doesn’t just happen out of the blue. It is not a surprise for Jesus. It’s not like he was in this battle against the Romans or against the Jews, and he simply lost and was killed. But this was always the plan, and God has been preparing us for this to happen for centuries. God has been preparing us so that, when we do see Jesus on the cross we will know what it means. And what we see is that when we come to the cross, repent and put our faith in Jesus we are saved from God’s rightful judgement upon our sins. That on the cross Jesus removes our sin, so that, we can be reconnected to God. This is vital, because we were created to be in connection with God, but sin broke that. Now, we live in a broken world because we are not rightly connected to God. We just have to look around to see that this world is broken. But, Jesus who is in control of all things, comes and does the one thing we need to be reconnected to God and have eternal life. Jesus dies for our sin. He brings forgiveness to all who repent and trust in him. This is the true message of the Bible. We will never be able to save ourselves. But Jesus can. We can never have life with God (heaven) through our own works or efforts or feelings. Jesus is the only one who reconnects us. There is so much more to the story than that, but thank you for coming today. We hope you find it helpful and we hope you keep rejoicing or searching for the truth.


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