You’d have to admit that I’ve been quite restrained this year, when it comes to talking about the footy. I have rarely mentioned my team, but as I head off on annual leave tomorrow, and therefore by the time I get back the NRL finals will all be over, I thought I’d slip in the mention of my team and how biblical they are.

If you are new here, and you’re wondering who my team is, they are the Sharkies, the Shire team, from the Cronulla-Sutherland part of southern Sydney. And this is actually their 50th year of being in the rugby league premiership and they haven’t won a premiership yet – but everyone on earth probably knows that.

However, one thing you might not have considered is how biblical they are, and especially this year. You see, they are a team that is either hot and very hot, or cold and very cold. They either win a heap of matches or lose a heap. They are either in the paper for all the wrong reasons or in the paper for all the right reasons. There is no middle ground with them. No one could say they are lukewarm, and hardly noticed!

And this is the very subject of discussion in Revelation chapter three. It is here that we find Jesus critiquing his church in Laodicea, and says to them that he wishes they were either hot or cold, rather than being so lukewarm. Hence my thesis: Cronulla is a biblical team (as they are hot or cold—nothing in between for them).

Yes, Jesus wants his church to be totally committed to him personally, to be fully passionate about his kingdom, to abound in good works and to radiate holiness. He wants his followers to be the salt of the earth, and not blend in. He wants his followers to be the light of the world and not hide and be quiet. But when we do blend in, and when we do remain silent, we become lukewarm – hardly noticed at all – if at all – and he therefore is not pleased at all.

Friends, lukewarmness is a big danger for those who live in the west. And why? Because what contributed to the church in Laodicea becoming lukewarm was their attachment to their wealth; and we in the west are very wealthy. It seems that they foolishly took comfort in their cushy life and therefore thought they no longer needed to depend on the Lord. And so they just blended in with everyone else in their cushy city. May we at TGS not be like that; may we be very noticed, and very noticed for all the right reasons – and especially when it comes to how different we are when it comes to what we do with our (his) wealth.

Trev Saggers


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September 13, 2020