A Word from a Warden

Last weekend two of our clergy (Cam and Chris) and two church wardens (James and Richard) travelled to Townsville to join with representatives from 53 other churches for the 2017 Synod (meeting) of the Anglican Diocese (region) of North Queensland. We met from Friday evening through to Sunday morning to praise God in worship, but also to discuss ministry and finances, and modify church regulations.

So how does it affect us at TGS? In summary, I will mention one point of relief, one area of administrative change and one great encouragement.

The point of relief was that happily there were no major contentious issues raised, which have often been a source of division in the past. Instead, there was a generally harmonious working through the ‘Revision of the Parish Regulation Canon’. Although this administrative change doesn’t sound very exciting it did usefully update the framework for the running of Anglican churches for ministry and mission. One new requirement is that we are to formally produce an annual ‘mission and ministry plan’ at the annual general meeting, and report on the outcomes the following year. Another aspect is that we are no longer a ‘Parish’ – we are now a ‘Ministry Unit’. Although our Treasurer Judy Nickles may not like the idea of being the ‘MUT’, we are considering sharing the burden by referring to our whole community of faith as a Ministry Unit Team J.

The great encouragement was the remarkable spiritual revival occurring in the troubled Cape York community of Aurukun, which currently has a Sunday congregation of more than one thousand people! The power of God to change lives, even in severe hardship, is amazing to behold. In the middle of our daily routines or discussions about MU definitions, we should remember the promise of the ‘incomparably great power for us who believe. That power is the same as the mighty strength that raised Christ from the dead!’ (Ephesians 1:19-20)

James Sartain



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September 13, 2020