I’m away most of this weekend at Synod, and then go on two week’s Annual Leave tomorrow. Here are things that are good for you to pray for during this time.
Re Synod —

  • Ask God for good fellowship with others at Synod, especially with the other gospel-centred church leaders. Ask that there will be parts of the Synod content which is encouraging and also helpful for the gospel in NQ;
  • Pray for safe travels for TGS Synod reps … and all coming to Synod (from all over North & Far North Qld).

    Re Holidays —

  • That my two daughters and I will have a fun, enjoyable, memorable and

    invigorating holiday away;

  • Pray for protection: from physical, spiritual and sensual temptations. For yourselves —
  • Thank God that TGS does not revolve around me. Thank God that there are

    many capable and willing people who will be serving while I’m away. Pray that we continue to raise up more people who serve and lead. But, also do continue praying for an Assistant Minister for TGS;

  • While I’m away, you might notice some people doing more or some things not happening (or not happening to the same degree). This is an opportunity for you to ask, ‘Might I be able to help with that?’ Friends, there are numerous people in our church who are doing LOTS. Some of them are tired. So, especially if you don’t serve or don’t serve much, I encourage and urge you to help them and spread the load around more sustainably by having a go yourself. Sometimes you never know what you can do until you do it! Might you have an as-yet unrealised skill/ability/just be able to do something?!
  • Thank God that church is not ultimately about Cameron, but about Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You don’t come to ultimately listen to me (or others), but to listen to God in his word, praise him, pray to him and help and encourage others here. Please don’t say that ultimately you come to TGS on Sundays because of Cameron! Don’t put me on a pedestal but worship God.

    So … please be praying for these things over the next 2 weeks.