• Our Annual General (Congregational) Meeting is in two Sundays. Please do come, and be part of us giving much thanks to God (& many people) for how He worked in us, amongst us, and through us in 2023, and planning, praying and (continuing to) prepare for the rest of 2024.
  • We will receive the Reports for ’23—please read at least some of them so you know what happened in your church and can be amazed at the service so many people have given you and others (& even more amazed at God’s work in Christ in/amongst/through us.
  • We will receive the Audited Accounts for ‘23— so you know where the money went, how we did financially last year [very well!]
  • We will Adopt a ‘24 Budget. The treasurer (Rod CC) and our voluntary accountant (Patrick Williams) composed a draft budget, which the wardens & myself discussed, agreed on, then presented to the Ministry Unit Council meeting last Monday. The MUC endorsed the draft budget, which is then presented to you at the AGM.
  • We will appoint officers for the next 12 months:
  1. Wardens (i.e. voluntary Elders). There are 3 wardens appointed at each TGS AGM. The existing 3 wardens (Rod CC, James Sartain & Alex Kochi) have agreed to be (re)nominated. I wholeheartedly support them continuing in this.
  2. MUC Councillors. The AGM decides how many to have (3,6,9 or 12). Currently we have 6 (names on rear of bulletin), all of whom have agreed to be nominated. I wholeheartedly support these 6 nominations. 2/3 of those nominated are voted for by you at the AGM; 1/3 is appointed by me.
  3. Ministry Unit nominators. At each AGM 3 people are elected to be nominators i.e. who consult, interact and recommend to the Bishop a name for a new Senior Minister if that is needed in the next year [I hope not!].
  4. Auditor. Rev. Paul Beasley CPA, has been our honorary auditor for numerous years and has agreed to continue doing this, so I expect Paul will again be elected as TGS auditor at the AGM.
  • To speak, vote and be elected to a position at the AGM you must: have TGS as ‘your church’ (& you can’t be an Official Member of another church), you must have been regular on Sundays for at least 6 months, and be a baptised adult (18+).
  • To be a Councillor you must also have a ‘Blue Card’ (Working with Children). But everyone is most welcome to attend. We have so much to thank & praise our good God for on February 25! I’ll see you there.