• John Charles Ryle was an excellent (Anglican) Pastor during the 1800’s, and there is so much that you and I can learn and emulate from him.
  • A church leader said that he had, “the heart of a child”, and he was known for preaching in a way that was widely understood by the rural churches he pastored … yet he was highly educated, intelligent & could be ‘academic’.
  • His wealthy parents sent him to the very famous Eton School, then he went to Oxford University, from where he earned what we’d call ‘First Class Honours’. He later earned a Master of Arts (when he was 55) and was granted an honorary Doctorate of Divinity at age 64. J.C. Ryle also wrote over 15 books, and many shorter works addressing contemporary issues.
  • As a child and young adult he excelled at sport, especially cricket and rowing. He planned on becoming a Member of Parliament (as his father had been), however his father’s bankruptcy ruined that plan, leading him to become an Ordained Church of England Minister. He said that without the bankruptcy he would not have preached a single sermon or written any books. He saw God’s Providence in this event.
  • He was a Pastor for almost 60 years! … was famous and greatly admired by many for years, yet chose to Pastor rural churches for almost 40 years (despite requests to move to London churches). Being praised by people had little appeal to him. He did, however, agree to Queen Victoria’s request that he become the first Bishop of Liverpool (at age 64). He was Bishop for about twenty years (a big achievement!). His service as Bishop was marked by efforts to build church buildings and mission halls to reach the rapidly expanding urban areas of the city. He had success in evangelising ’working- class’ people (which many of us don’t). He retired in 1900 at age 83! … and died just over three months later. Basically, he ministered until he couldn’t.
  • J. C. Ryle was widowed three times (at ages 29, 34 & 53). His first two wives died young. One of his five children also became an Anglican Bishop.
  • On John 3:13-18: “The truth before us is the very foundation-stone of the Christian religion. Christ’s death is the Christian’s life. Christ’s cross is the Christian’s title to heaven. Christ ‘lifted up’ and put to shame on Calvary is the ladder by which Christians ‘enter into the holiest’ and are at length landed in glory. It is true that we are sinners; – but Christ has suffered for us. It is true that we deserve death; – but Christ has died for us. It is true that we are guilty debtors; – but Christ has paid our debts with his own blood. This is the real gospel! This is the good news!”