Here is a summary of relevant material from the Minutes of the most recent
Ministry Unit Council (MUC) meeting (17/12/23), to help keep you informed
about some things happening in our church —

  • Much of the meeting time was in discussion of the possible building works for the church building and Hall. It was resolved to communicate about it to you inform, involve and gain feedback [This was done both verbally and in writing on 7/1 & 14/1].
  • Quote was accepted to install a Colorbond fence in-between the rear of the Hall & 401 Mayers St. [Preparation works have been done and fence installation scheduled for February.]
  • A portion of the wooden balustrading surrounding the back deck of 119 Collins Ave. has badly rotted and no longer provides safety. Cairns Patios will provide a quote for an aluminium replacement.
  • After discussing information re new polo TGS shirts, it was agreed to proceed, once a suitable logo for the shirts has been agreed on.
  • The MUC accepted the quote from Brilliant Solutions, to move the church’s I.T. system and support to them from our current supplier. Brilliant can provide more suitable and economical support for our system.


  • For your information — our MUC is Chaired by Cameron, has the 3 Wardens (the other Elders): James Sartain, Rod Cole-Clarke and Alex Kochi, and a multiple of 3 (3, 6, 9 or 12) Councillors (with the number determined by a vote at the AGM). Two-thirds of that number is elected by you at the AGM, and one-third is appointed by myself. The Councillors are appointed or elected for 12 months (until the next AGM). The MUC must meet at least 6 times in a calendar year.
  • Our MUC is good (imo) mixture of age, life-and-TGS-experience-and-history and some newer members who not only have wisdom and their own experiences, but also some fresh perspectives. I also believe that our current number of up to 10 people at our meetings is a sufficient but not excessive number of decision-makers. However (as stated above) it is you, the TGS congregation who choose how many Councillors there will be.
  • Our next MUC meeting is February 5, at which the MUC will consider the Budget prepared by the Treasurer (Wardens), endorse a Budget that will be presented for adoption at the AGM.