Next Sunday morning & evening Lloyd Lawrence from AFES Cairns will be here to update us on the ministry and preach on Ruth Chapter 3. Lloyd ministers the gospel to university students here in Cairns, and is employed by the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students. Christian university groups have existed in Australia for over 90 years and there are now over 60 AFES student groups, in each State and Territory.

So, we support AFES because it makes a difference locally, but also has national reach and focus. We support AFES because it has a proven track record and impacts the lives of thousands of people every week.

We also support AFES because many university graduates end up with influential roles in churches, including at TGS. AFES does a great job of teaching, training and enthusing people to serve Christ and us well. So, we support a ministry which directly or indirectly benefits us.

We support AFES because many university graduates end up with influential positions in our city and country. It is great having Biblically well-taught people influencing Cairns and Australia. This not only makes our city and country a better place, but has people ‘shining the light of Jesus’ in many places.

The Mission of AFES is: ‘In prayerful dependence on God, AFES proclaims Jesus Christ at university to present everyone mature in Him, by building student groups that evangelise, encourage, train and send.’ This is a very Biblical and helpful Mission. So, we support AFES because we want to help Christian groups that teach and apply God’s word here and beyond.

We support AFES because their Values are great and good for us to replicate. The AFES values are — 1. Lives Transformed by God’s Grace; 2. The Bible Shaping Our Mission, Message, and Methods; 3. National Gospel Unity and Local Distinctiveness; 4. Training by Modelling; 5. Students and Staff in Partnership; 6. Partnerships in Prayer and Finances; 7. Local Churches; 8. Commitment to Christ’s Global Mission.

So, these are some of the reasons why we partner with Lloyd Lawrence. We look forward to hearing from Lloyd next Sunday. You can find out more about the Cairns (& Townsville) group at, about AFES in general at or contact Lloyd via It’s a pleasure and a privilege to support Lloyd and AFES.