Bush Church Aid (BCA) is one of our partner organisations, and we’re hosting a Bush & Bible Day (morning) in just TWO SATURDAYS. So, here’s some info about BCA AND here’s why you should come to the Bush & Bible Day —

1. BCA enables the gospel to be preached/taught and lived out in many places that it would not be done without their support and assistance. There are many small country churches which cannot afford a paid Pastor (or can’t afford to pay them full-time). BCA makes up the financial difference.
2. BCA ensures that the Pastors they support believe, preach and teach the true, Biblical, Evangelical faith. You can have confidence that the people you are praying for, giving to, are rightly doing Christ-focused, gospel-centred, Biblical ministry.
3. BCA actively and effectively supports these Pastors. If you minister ‘in the bush’ you can be very isolated and that can make it much harder to keep going. BCA does a lot to counter the problems this can cause.
4. BCA has both a long proven track-record (it was founded in 1919) and is creative, adjusting to changes in how the gospel is best proclaimed, and always looking to best minister in this 21st Century e.g. their new mentoring program for young adults who move to a country area (BCA ONTRACK).

Our tendency and temptation is to be caught up just in our own lives, so not being concerned for or supporting or praying for or giving to Christians and gospel ministries far away from us. The Bush & Bible Day will help you and us to rightly be informed about, actively concerned for and supporting ministry ‘in the bush’.
The Bush & Bible Day will also make you praise and give thanks to God for how Christ is working in Australia: whether it be in Central Qld, Biblical Reconciliation (by BCA’s Indigenous Ministry Officer), other areas of Oz, and having Mike Uptin teach God’s word to us.
The Bush & Bible Day is a good opportunity for other Christians to support BCA. You don’t have to be Anglican to support BCA. You could invite others to come with you.
So, please come in 2 Saturdays & help BCA bring Biblical ministry & the life- changing gospel message of Jesus to rural, regional, & remote Oz.