• Thank you to everyone who came to yesterday’s prayer time (or prayed at home) — your interest and commitment to us pursuing God’s will is greatly appreciated and very helpful.
  • ‘Where to, Lord?’ is the question we are seeking God to answer i.e. What does our Lord and Saviour want us to do, specifically in the remainder of this year and into next year (& possibly beyond). You and we can and should continue praying this, and be on the lookout for God’s answers.
  • We should remember that we already know in general what God wants you and us to do: Love him and our neighbours; ‘make disciples of Jesus’ (part of our TGS Mission Statement— on Bulletin back page); grow the gospel; etc.
  • There are many things we can do where all those things are good. We can rejoice if we do them, for we are glorifying God. We don’t need to become anxious or stressed if we are making disciples of Jesus, because God loves us doing this.
  • We also don’t need to pursue every possibility. In 2 Corinthians 2:12-13, Paul says there was ‘an open door’ for him to preach Christ in Troas, but he did not take that opportunity then, but went elsewhere. There is no hint that Paul made the wrong decision or sinned. Not all ‘open doors’ must be ‘entered’.
  • However, we do want to know and follow God’s specific guidance for us. So, it is very good and helpful that we have expressed our active dependency upon God yesterday; may we continue to pray and seek his will. You church leadership will communicate with you where we believe God is leading us.
  • However, even if we think there is never any specific points of direction and leading from yesterday (e.g. do this ministry, don’t do that ministry, employ someone to do X) yesterday was still a very good thing to do. It is always good for us to gather as Christ’s people and express our dependency upon him in prayer, asking, thanking, praising, confessing to him. Let us rejoice that we are praying together!
  • Whatever options we pursue, remember that 1) there can be difficulties in each of them (all 3 of the times Paul mentions an ‘open door’ (2 Cor. 2; 1 Cor. 16:9; Colossians 4:3) he also mentions difficulties; 2) therefore, experiencing difficulties doesn’t mean it’s a wrong option; 3) Christ, our wise, powerful and loving Saviour and Lord is with us, so … let’s go!