Your church Leadership wants to keep you informed of relevant issues, such as what our Ministry Unit Council (MUC) decides & is informed of. So, here is a ‘sort- of’ summary of relevant items from the recent (16/10) MUC meeting —

  • We began by discussing how many things in history repeat themselves, but history has the ultimate goal: Christ’s return and the fulfillment of everything.
  • Needed and useful maintenance work on 119 Collins Avenue continues to gradually be done.
  • We were all reminded to be vigilant in locking up/turning off etc. when leaving these premises (all of the buildings).
  • Cameron continues investigating Assistant Minister potential candidates.
  • Numerous church members contribute to part of the gardening

    maintenance. One more volunteer would be helpful.

  • The fence between the Hall & 401 Mayers Street could no longer stop children getting from behind the Hall into 401, so, the fence is being replaced (& the cost will be reimbursed to us by the Diocese when 401 is sold).
  • TGS provided some financial support to the North Qld Christian Convention, which was greatly appreciated by this excellent ministry that was running at an unsustainable loss (& the NQCC price is gradually being raised).
  • We were encouraged to invite people (not just our close friends & family) to TGS events (e.g. the Trivia Night).
  • A Wi-Fi access point is being install in the Hall to give much better Wi-Fi service for ministry in the Hall.
  • Cameron will edit the Truth Explored & Truth Experienced material. Some of this material could be studied in Home Groups in the future.
  • Cameron (as required by the Diocese) now has a Professional Supervisor, for guided reflection: Rev. Ted Brush, former BCA NSW Regional Officer. The two meeting so far have been helpful.
  • Christmas details— free BBQ & Carols: From 530pm, Sunday, December 10 / Christmas Eve (a Sunday): 9am, 530pm Kids Extravaganza, 11pm Carols & ‘Communion’ / Christmas Day, 9am.
  • Next MUC meeting: Monday, November 27.

MUC meeting Minutes are in an accessible folder on the table in the Hall.

Please be informed & pray about what your MUC addresses. Thank you.