As it’s now November, it is time to start preparing for the Christmas Season!

Here’s how you can do that here at church —

  • November: Think; Pray; (Prepare to) Give —

Think about who you can invite to church events, and help before the end of 2023. These could be your family, irregular church attenders, people keen about Christmas, neighbours etc.

Pray for opportunities to invite them; that they will accept your invitation; that they will actually come. Put these prayer points in your Calendar/Prayer list etc.

(Prepare to) Give. Last year’s giving to the Angel Tree (gifts for families of those incarcerated) was huge, so no money is needed this year. TGS has been associated with Angel Tree in two places: Cairns & Cape York. Sue Saggers (& NHA) is continuing to take care of Cairns, while we will continue to help on the Cape (Tracey Plumb, ex TGS-member coordinates this). No money is needed for there either.

  • So, we are having a ‘Gratitude/Giving Tree’: the idea is you do or plan to do a good work/act of service for someone (whether at TGS or not) and put an angel decoration on the Tree for that. It’s a way to love your neighbour. Some ideas are: give food to poor people via Anglicare ‘trolley’ in Hall; give a food hamper (or food as part of one) for those in TGS who would greatly benefit from it (bring food to Office); invite TGS members (or others) over for Christmas lunch or dinner.
  • December: Bring guests to the Carols, introduce them to people, tell them where the facilities are, invite them over to your place after Carols and talk about it (do the same for Christmas Eve and Day);
    – Give people a ‘real’ Christmas card with a Bible verse or two on it; include a

Christmas tract/book in a gift to people (e.g. give-away ones from church here, or from

  • Christmas details— free BBQ & Carols: From 530pm, Sunday, December 10 / Christmas Eve (a Sunday): 9am, 530pm Kids Extravaganza, 11pm ‘Carols & Communion’ / Christmas Day, 9am.

“You will conceive and give birth to a son …. He will be great
and will be called the Son of the Most High …. His kingdom will never end.”

May we plan for having a joy-filled Christmas season, both for ourselves & others