• When you are doing it tough, experiencing something glorious can help you get through your situation. So, when you see a beautiful sunset, or hear wonderful music, taste marvellous food, or touch something extraordinary etc. it can be like a jolt of energy for your life, helping you to keep going.
  • Similarly, when the Apostle John wrote the book of Revelation, he was in a hard situation: exiled to a small, dry, isolated island because he wouldn’t stop preaching Jesus (Revelation 1:9). So, God reminded him (& you) of the glory of His Son, which helped John to not give up hope, but persevere (“… the suffering AND patient endurance that are ours in Jesus” (1:9). So, here is some of what John reminds you about Jesus in even just one verse (1:5), to help him (& you) push-on. Jesus Christ is
  • the faithful witness”: he truly and accurately reveals God to you. He was also “faithful unto death” (2:10). The Greek word translated ‘witness, is ‘martyr’, because to witness about Jesus could have led to you being killed. So, if you’re wondering if you know the truth—read about Jesus & his death for you.
  • the firstborn from the dead”: no, this doesn’t mean Jesus was created; “firstborn” means having a place of honour about all others (Psalm 89:27: “my firstborn, the most exalted of the kings of the earth”). This phrase means that Jesus was (& still is) the first person of the new resurrection age; he is the head and pioneer of God’s new, resurrected people. He is risen, nevermore to die; he will live forever as a glorious resurrected person; death has no hold on him! So, if you’re feeling like your life is ‘boring’ or ‘pointless’: remember your glorious Head, the one who cannot die.
  • the ruler of the kings of the earth”: which follows immediately on the previous phrase! The glorious, resurrected One, is the one who has more power and rule over every other ruler here on earth. So, if you think this world, or your life, is out of control, or you’re fearful about the future: remember that the Lord Jesus Christ is sovereign over both his world and your life.
  • the one who loves us”: not only ‘loved’ (past tense). He is right now loving you. Even if other people treat you badly, you are NEVER unloved. Jesus loves you, this you know, for Revelation 1:5 tells you so. Feel the love!
  • And “has freed us from our sins by his blood”: All people are born spiritually and morally trapped in sin, but every Christian has been freed from the penalty, power (generally) and (progressively) the presence of sin, by Jesus’ death as a substitutionary sacrifice our sins. So, when you feeling spiritually defeated, think of the effects of the cross … & be encouraged to keep going!