• Be Asking (Pray): Please pray for myself, your 3 Wardens (unpaid Elders) and 6 Councillors. Yes, we’ve been serving in these roles ’for a while’ but we just as much need God’s wisdom, enabling, humility, insight and perseverance today as the first day we took on these roles. These roles are not about titles in and of themselves; we are here to serve Christ and you and others. Please also continue asking God to provide us with the right Assistant Minister in 2024.
  • Be Informed: Like by reading this! … and reading the summaries of Ministry Unit Council meetings which appear here periodically (or the full Minutes in a blue Folder on the table in the Hall). Your leaders want you to know what’s happening in your church. Feel free to talk to any Councillor or Warden or myself about things.
  • Be Encouraged: Our AGM went ‘smoothly’: no unhelpful arguments, but instead we know there is so much to Thank & Praise God for from 2023, and to anticipate how Christ will work in us, amongst us, and through us in 2024. The gospel is bearing fruit in/amongst and through you/us.
  • Be Thanking: Please thank the many, many people whose service in 2023 is outlined in the AGM Reports or were mentioned at the meeting. Please do personally thank the leaders of various ministries, the Councillors and Wardens. Also, thank God we can access all the funds needed to employ an Assistant Minister and carry out the previously discussed maintenance/building works
  • Be Involved: AGM’s are not only about the needed ‘formalities’ and appointing/electing for positions to be filled. AGM’s are ultimately about Two Things: ‘You’ and God. They are about you: TGS, which is about all of you, who comprise TGS. But even more than our AGM being about ‘our’ church, it was about Father, Son and Holy Spirit, because ultimately TGS is their church. And that reminds us that we are stewards of God’s resources: our time/talents/treasure both as individuals and as a church are to be used for God’s glory in Christ and the salvation and building of many, many people. ’Our’ church is not ultimately about us.

The MUC met very briefly immediately post the AGM and: elected Kristin Hohoi as Secretary and Rod Cole-Clarke as Treasurer (no surprises there!). Our first ‘full’ MUC meeting will be Monday, April 15.

Thank you for your interest and ’ownership’ of this congregation we are a part of. I am encouraged and thankful for it. So, I hope you are too!