It always helps and inspires us to learn about God’s great servants of the past.  So, you might have heard of William Carey—he’s known as ‘The father of modern Missions’.  Carey lived an extraordinary life, yet had humble beginnings and described himself as nothing more than a ‘plodder’.

Here are Eight things to know from William Carey’s life:

1. God uses humble servants

Carey was born in 1761 in an English hamlet to parents who were weavers. He became a cobbler (shoe maker & repairer) then village pastor, yet would become a gifted linguist and oversaw dozens of Bible translations!

2. God used Carey in enabling us to give missions their proper priority

Carey helped the Church to see that The Great Commission is for all believers, not just the Apostles. His writings mobilized Christians for world mission. The 1800’s was called ‘The Great Century’ because missions expanded greatly across the globe, and Carey’s work and writings contributed greatly to this.

4. He shows you long-suffering and faithfulness in trials—

His wife went mad, some of his children died in infancy, some of his business ventures failed, yet … he patiently endured and was willing to suffer and is a great example for you. Under the sovereignty & blessing of God, Carey’s long- term ‘plodding’ accomplished much!

5. He was burdened by the lost … and God’s glory 

Carey was burdened by the huge amount of lost people throughout the world, especially those who had never heard the gospel. We need frequent reminders of God’s mission, the fate of the unconverted and our joyous responsibility to bring God’s salvation to others. God being glorified was another of his primary motivations.

6. He and his team modelled healthy partnerships in mission

His mission team at Serampore (India) emphasised gospel preaching, Bible translation, cultural respect and the value of Indian lives.

7. He helped bring about missionary organisations

Before Carey’s writings, basically, there were no missionary agencies. He called for ‘rope holders’ to organise the sending and supporting of missionaries … and countless mission organisations exist today, in part, due to Carey.

8. Because the Bible has living power, it being translated and printed is primary.

So, may William Carey both challenge and encourage you!